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Chung Cheng Junior High School, Keelung
Chung Cheng Junior High School, Keelung
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This project’s archive partner, the “Keelung Chung Cheng Junior High School Folk Class” is an important part of folk sports promotion in Taiwan. The Folk Class has been invited many times to perform in Japan, Korea, the United States, and Canada. Its rope skipping team and diabolo team have received many honors from the Ministry of Education, and have represented the Ministry of Education and the Taiwan Provincial Youth Folk Sports Group in the promotion of folk sports overseas, receiving much praise.
Keelung Chung Cheng Junior High School was one of the city’s five junior high schools 20 or more years ago, so it can be called one of Keelung’s old schools. The school’s first principal was Mr. Chang Chun-Hsi, who struggled through tough times to found the school. His successors, Mr. Cheng Ching-Chung, Mr. Lian Ming-Hsin, and Mr. Chou Ming-Hong, all worked hard to build up the school. In addition to their leadership, many teachers have also contributed much, and folk sports, wind music, and traditional music classes have all been set up. The folk class has made its mark all over the world, fully achieving the aim of strengthening international relations. The traditional music and wind music classes have represented Keelung in national competitions and performances many times with great success. With the hard work of the principals and teachers, Chung Cheng Junior High School has become the highest rated junior high school in Keelung and regularly receives many requests for transfers from other districts.
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